“The Raven” produced by Laura Kwiatkowski and directed by Thomas Quirk , Metro Arts Brisbane: March, 2012

When i see a show that has obviously been a labour of love, i am keen to spend some time thinking about it. This is a young and energetic team: Thomas Quirk’s has just begun his career as a director and Laura Kwiatkowski is an up and coming producer. Melody Woodnutt is an established visual artist in town and her installation is memorable on many levels.
My first impression of the production was “This is gorgeous” as we were handed a beautiful paper raven to wear and an invitation to celebrate both before and after the show.
We were gently led out the back of the Sue Benner where we sat on chairs and waited to be ushered inside. I won’t tell you too much, because I want you all to go and experience it for yourselves, but be prepared for a tactile and entertaining night. You will have the chance to move around in the space, touch the installation (if you need to!), sit at a huge table with Poe himself and witness three actors tell their story with skill and energy. Thank you actors! I loved every minute of the game playing!

Its worth a visit. 1 hour show. 2 shows each night. Make sure you book. It is boutique theatre so will require a telephone call. But someone always cancels (my date for instance) so you may just be lucky.

Here is the link:

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