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Work-in-Residence at Metro Arts “He Dreamed a Train” or “Man in Quotation Marks”

Here is the link to amazon version of “He Dreamed a Train”, and here is a cut and paste of David Brown’s short biography:

David A. Brown

David A. Brown

“He Dreamed a Train”

Publication Date: June 4, 2013

Tom stands on a cliff beside his smashed car. The comfortable life he knew lies in ruins beside him. Into the distance runs an abandoned train line, speaking to him of the feeling he somehow left out here as a boy.
What does the land want him to do?
To find the answer we must go back a hundred years to the first dreaming of the train track and to Anna, who wakes unexpectedly at the Governor’s Ball, to find herself surrounded by sleeping people.

From the Author

This book has its beginnings in the 1990s when I first saw country towns wither after the loss of their airline. My proposal to the NSW Government to restore small trains instead was ignored, and I eventually realised that I did not know how to make dreams come true.
I thought that I might learn through writing a novel, but the book took its own path. All the events described in it are based on actual experience, but the way they are threaded together as a story owes more to sensing than to thought.
I hope it speaks to you, perhaps in ways you cannot describe.

About the Author

David Brown has been a psychologist, inventor, writer, speaker and student of life. His friends include engineers, mediums, artists and doctors. When not in the field where, he says, psychologists belong, deep within the machinery of a factory, or redesigning parts of the Sydney Opera House, he has been a CEO of a charitable Foundation, owner of a regional airline, and moonlighting as relieving manager of a tourist hotel in Norfolk Island. Extraordinarily active for 35 years, he has had a worldwide influence in fields as diverse as industrial design, the treatment of psychological trauma, and visual comfort at work.

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