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“He Dreamed A Train”, a play about belonging: nominated Best Technical Design, Matilda Awards 2014

HE DREAMED A TRAIN, a boutique show happening in the Visy Theatre at Brisbane Powerhouse, Lamington Street New Farm, right on the water, is open and moving quickly…

We are finishing off our first week (two more shows this week, tonight at 7 and Sunday night at 7, then one more week (Tuesday through Sunday at 7pm)).

I thought you may enjoy some of the responses that people have sent me: here are just three lines from different audience members:

“So beautiful, and hearty”

“I laughed, had tears prick my eyes and enjoyed the magic of presence on stage”

“The mood you both created was very powerful and something that people will remember for a long time”

And here is a line or two from our first review:

“It pushes the boundaries, creates a new kind of experience, a multi-media performance in which actors and technicians play with and off each other in a mind-blowing interdependency. Designer/director Benjamin Knapton juggles this kaleidoscope of form and function with firm control, never allowing the possibility of chaos, which is lurking in the background, to take over. For all its intricacy it’s a tightly disciplined production, with neither actors nor stage effects dominating the other”.

“Margi Brown Ash and Travis Ash, mother and son in real life, work as a perfect team, their off-stage relationship bringing an extra dimension to the idea of this close but non-communicative interaction of sister and brother, while allowing the sound and A/V effects to play their own role. But as Travis Ash finally steps outside and gradually thins away into nothing, we understand that this is a poetic lament for the loss of a talented young man, a threnody of the finest kind.”


“…another step in the new direction that live theatre is taking, will be richly rewarded. It is a triumph of its kind”.

CRIKEY’s Daily Review, Friday 17th October, 2014

Would love to see you there for an intimate night at the theatre.
You can book tickets on:

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