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It’s half way through October, 2017 and I’m running so fast

I usually post on my blog, at but I’m browsing 4change website and thought I’d leave a note.

I bet there are many of us running fast, as the year heads to a close…well not quite but almost.
I love the ending of years, a time to look through the months that have passed.

I am presently reading Allan Pease and Barbara Pease’s book “The Answer” and I’m enjoying it. Allan Pease is going to be presenting at the WorkSmart Conference that I am MC’ing later in the week on the Gold Coast, so I am spending several days reading his books.

The one-liners are really worth remembering, like “A deadline is to your goals what the trigger is on a gun” followed by “A dream is just a dream until you put a deadline on it”. That really had me thinking. I don’t like deadlines, but it is true, as I look back over the year, that it was the deadline that moved me to closure. Not the passion (that was there), nor the conditions (they weren’t bad either) but the deadline…that date that stopped me doing anything except what was required. No dinners out, no theatre dates, no phone calls. And I even delighted in the simplicity of these days. I didn’t have to think about anything but the task at hand.
Another one-liner that I really liked, and learned it by heart. Pease & Pease wrote: “Life begins at the end of your Comfort Zone”. Now this one, this one is worth writing up on our walls, our computer screens, on post-it notes…and everywhere we feel comfortable. Life begins at the end of our comfort zones. That made me feel uncomfortable as I sat in my comfortable chair with my comfortable view and my comfortable dog at my feet. So things are changing. The only thing we can be sure of. is. change.

photo by Barb Lowing

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