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Women in Theatre Bridge Club meeting collages

Last night The Women in Theatre Bridge Club met at Queensland Theatre for their monthly meeting. We decided to have an evening of nurture, so rather than discussing political agendas (which we are prone to) we collaged and talked, drank green tea, ate cheese balls and banana bread and then shared our collaged creations…the themes that emerged were varied but the one that stayed with me is the idea of balance, and the power we have of tipping the balance when we need to…so rather than seeing tipping the balance as a ‘bad thing’, I propose we see it as a very fine thing…we tip it this way, we tip it that way, depending on what is happening in our lives.

To find out more about Women in Theatre Bridge Club, go to FACEBOOK: in Theatre Bridge Club
To become a member you commit to:
1. Showing up each meeting, either personally, or a phone call, a skype link, a text or a Facebook post.
2. Staying connected.
2. Wanting to make a difference to the status quo of the Theatre Industry here in Brisbane and Queensland.

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