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Today’s question: Do I plan or go with the flow?

Drawing by Anki King at Arteles Creative Centre Finland

Today I am contemplating the importance or lack of importance when it comes to planning. In L’art de la Simplicite by Dominique Loreau talks about today as our most precious possession: 

Each new day is the only thing we truly possess. Today is our whole life. not yesterday, not tomorrow. The present is sacred, the only time we have. If we fail to take advantage of the present moment, we won’t do so at some hypothetical point in the future.

(Loreau, 2017. p. 55)

So it is the present moment we hold on to. Yes. Definitely not new information. But a good place to begin. I then turn to Christine Valters Paintner’s The Soul’s Slow Ripening (2018), where she thickens this idea by adding the importance of thresholds. Those 

…spaces between, when we move from one time to another, as in the threshold of dawn to day or of dusk to dark; one space to another, as in times of inner or outer journeying or pilgrimage; and one awareness to another…

(Valters Paintner, 2018. p. 1)

So we ‘possess’ today (Loreau, 2017) and then we have the potential of moving through thresholds of the moment to more potent places (Valters Paintner, 2018).  Often we don’t notice this shift in thresholds…perhaps as Valters Paintner suggests, it is as simple as moving through a doorway or moving from one activity to the next. A more obvious threshold is being aware of the move from morning to afternoon, or afternoon to evening.  I like her suggestion that we pause in this “place of stillness, where we let go of what came before and prepare ourselves to enter fully into what comes next” (2018, p. 9).  We could engage in a short meditation, perhaps a sentence of gratitude or wonder. 

the magical threshold between afternoon and evening 

This space, this threshold, is a time where we 

…open ourselves to the possibility of discovering a new kind of presence to the darkness of in-between times. When we rush from one thing to another, we skim over the surface of life, losing sacred attentiveness that brings forth revelations in the most ordinary of moments.

(Valters Paintner, 2018 p. 9)

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