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Author Archives: Margi Brown Ash

Name: Margi Brown Ash
Location: Australia
Margi works as a theatre maker/director/performer/coach. Her company, 4change coaching, hosts workshops that appeal to artists and those who wish to use the arts to enrich their personal as well as professional lives. Margi also works with groups of creatives and teams to develop presentations, performances and performance art pieces. She works in both the creative and business sector to enhance working partnerships and develop strong group dynamics within the organization. Margi has recently formed Force of Circumstance (FOC) Theatre Company, the first intentional, professional intergenerational theatre company in Australia.

Today’s question: Do I plan or go with the flow?

Today I am contemplating the importance or lack of importance when it comes to planning. In L’art de la Simplicite by Dominique Loreau talks about today as our most precious possession:  Each new day is the only thing we truly possess. Today is our whole life. not yesterday, not tomorrow. The present is sacred, the […]

Women in Theatre Bridge Club meeting collages

Last night The Women in Theatre Bridge Club met at Queensland Theatre for their monthly meeting. We decided to have an evening of nurture, so rather than discussing political agendas (which we are prone to) we collaged and talked, drank green tea, ate cheese balls and banana bread and then shared our collaged creations…the themes […]

A new year may require new personal rituals

Here’s to a year full of ritual, deliberate awareness of our actions in order to create a rich and vibrant moment, hour, day, week and year.

It’s half way through October, 2017 and I’m running so fast

“Life begins at the end of our comfort zones” Allan and Barbara Pease

So a new year is about to begin…saying goodbye and hello to 2016-2017

In 2017 we will be conducting a February workshop in Pullenvale where we will focus on our own becoming: how do we move forward and create change in a world that seemingly is heading towards (for many of those in the arts) an uncomfortable fit? Dates are coming when I work them out. Margi’s active […]

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