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These two days i have been MC at the WorkSmart Conference on the Gold Coast, staying at the very bold QT in Surfers Paradise. I love this gig: this is the third time I have MC’d WorkSmart Professionals and it is a joy to work with all of the office professionals who keep our universities and health services moving forward. WE have terrific guest speakers, workshops and keynotes. Yesterday, one of the most moving keynote speeches was presented by Nigel Brennan. Many of you will know his name. Some of you wont. HE was the Australian photojournalist taken hostage in Somalia in 2008. 462 days of captivity. His story is the hallmark of resilience, honesty,heartbreaking clarity. Nigel is an ordinary man, with enormous heart, caught up in an extraordinary story. It started me thinking about what makes us who we are? How do we cope in crisis? What can we learn from this astonishing experience?
Nigel is a consummate storyteller and his story has stayed with us throughout the whole conference. He left us with some take aways that I am still thinking about: things like the importance of family and friends. Nothing new here, however he showed us the urgency of forgiveness. “Never go to bed angry with someone”. And his mantra, something that we could all have on our shoulders as we go through the tough times “this too shall pass”. I will write more about Nigel for his story is a story that can empower all of us.

“He Dreamed A Train”, a play about belonging: nominated Best Technical Design, Matilda Awards 2014

“It pushes the boundaries, creates a new kind of experience, a multi-media performance in which actors and technicians play with and off each other in a mind-blowing interdependency. Designer/director Benjamin Knapton juggles this kaleidoscope of form and function with firm control, never allowing the possibility of chaos, which is lurking in the background, to take over. For all its intricacy it’s a tightly disciplined production, with neither actors nor stage effects dominating the other”.