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A Day of Belonging at State Library of Queensland

THE BIG DAY OF BELONGING AT STATE LIBRARY OF QUEENSLAND A big day of belonging. What could be better! I have spent my morning reflecting on my experiences on Saturday 16th January 2016 at our State Library of Queensland. A delicious day. A gentle day. A day of creativity and connection. And chai. To begin: […]

“He Dreamed A Train”, a play about belonging: nominated Best Technical Design, Matilda Awards 2014

“It pushes the boundaries, creates a new kind of experience, a multi-media performance in which actors and technicians play with and off each other in a mind-blowing interdependency. Designer/director Benjamin Knapton juggles this kaleidoscope of form and function with firm control, never allowing the possibility of chaos, which is lurking in the background, to take over. For all its intricacy it’s a tightly disciplined production, with neither actors nor stage effects dominating the other”.

10 Things I learned about APAM as a “newbie”

APAM#14 at Brisbane Powerhouse, a fabulous five days of intense performance viewing.

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