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A new year may require new personal rituals

Here’s to a year full of ritual, deliberate awareness of our actions in order to create a rich and vibrant moment, hour, day, week and year.

My pilgrimage at Sostrup Slot

Easter Sunday. A day of celebration. It is the first Sunday following a full moon after the March equinox…symbolic of rebirth and renewal…a celebration of the goddess of Spring…Easter to me is a day of reflection…of embracing what is to come even though in this minute I have no idea what that is. Sitting in […]

“If I had an idea” a performance art piece

If I had an idea I would invite you to sit a while and breathe with me and listen to music of your choice.
For I am your host you see.

A Day of Belonging at State Library of Queensland

THE BIG DAY OF BELONGING AT STATE LIBRARY OF QUEENSLAND A big day of belonging. What could be better! I have spent my morning reflecting on my experiences on Saturday 16th January 2016 at our State Library of Queensland. A delicious day. A gentle day. A day of creativity and connection. And chai. To begin: […]

…secrets of the character…

This year has been a fast and furious one, with no time to do my usual workshops in “The Playpen”, the name I call our workplace where I live. Many years ago, when our fourth child was born, we created an area that we called The Playpen, where children could play and not be threatened […]

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