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Category Archives: “Man in Quotation Marks

My pilgrimage at Sostrup Slot

Easter Sunday. A day of celebration. It is the first Sunday following a full moon after the March equinox…symbolic of rebirth and renewal…a celebration of the goddess of Spring…Easter to me is a day of reflection…of embracing what is to come even though in this minute I have no idea what that is. Sitting in […]

“He Dreamed A Train”, a play about belonging: nominated Best Technical Design, Matilda Awards 2014

“It pushes the boundaries, creates a new kind of experience, a multi-media performance in which actors and technicians play with and off each other in a mind-blowing interdependency. Designer/director Benjamin Knapton juggles this kaleidoscope of form and function with firm control, never allowing the possibility of chaos, which is lurking in the background, to take over. For all its intricacy it’s a tightly disciplined production, with neither actors nor stage effects dominating the other”.

HOME, a play about Belonging, is part of the Queensland Theatre Company’s Diva Series

I’m driving home after the Queensland Theatre Company’s launch at Queensland Performing Arts Centre downtown Brisbane last night and thinking of how many people contributed to my show HOME…it began as a response to my second daughter’s SMS when she was living in Palestine. Homes were being bulldozed down and I began to think about […]

Monthly Letter No. 1: Collaborative practice and how ideas just keep growing

I have not written ‘letters’ before and may never again, but I feel like writing one right now. I’m thinking about collaborative practice and how, when it works best, ideas build on themselves and new ways emerge seemingly effortlessly. An example of collaborative practice this morning was having a cup of tea and sesame snaps […]

Work-in-Residence at Metro Arts “He Dreamed a Train” or “Man in Quotation Marks”

Here is the link to amazon version of “He Dreamed a Train”, and here is a cut and paste of David Brown’s short biography: “He Dreamed a Train” Publication Date: June 4, 2013 Tom stands on a cliff beside his smashed car. The comfortable life he knew lies in ruins beside him. Into the […]

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