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A new year may require new personal rituals

Here’s to a year full of ritual, deliberate awareness of our actions in order to create a rich and vibrant moment, hour, day, week and year.

So a new year is about to begin…saying goodbye and hello to 2016-2017

In 2017 we will be conducting a February workshop in Pullenvale where we will focus on our own becoming: how do we move forward and create change in a world that seemingly is heading towards (for many of those in the arts) an uncomfortable fit? Dates are coming when I work them out. Margi’s active […]

…secrets of the character…

This year has been a fast and furious one, with no time to do my usual workshops in “The Playpen”, the name I call our workplace where I live. Many years ago, when our fourth child was born, we created an area that we called The Playpen, where children could play and not be threatened […]


“Coming Home”, a performance that was described as beautiful, heart aching, whimsical and lighthearted has come to an end. Simon Tate, the head drama teacher at Queensland Academies of Creative Industries, where we were artists in residence, described it like this in his facebook post: I’m just going to come out and say it – […]

The Garden of HOME

It’s early Saturday morning and I am sitting on my verandah. the kookaburras are chatting. There is a slight breeze. As always, a fire is burning to take the chill off the air – its not really burning…this one is an electric fire with a pretend flame…I love it. It is what i call my […]

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