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My pilgrimage at Sostrup Slot

Easter Sunday. A day of celebration. It is the first Sunday following a full moon after the March equinox…symbolic of rebirth and renewal…a celebration of the goddess of Spring…Easter to me is a day of reflection…of embracing what is to come even though in this minute I have no idea what that is. Sitting in […]

PLAY IS THE THING, NOT SO MUCH ‘THE PLAY’, a reflection on theatre making and risk taking

Since early 2000’s Leah Mercer, based in Western Australia and I have been collaborators, working on show after show, writing, performing, producing, learning from each other. This last week she has been involved in The Directors Lab in Melbourne, including 9 directors from Western Australia and 0 directors based in Queensland. I would have dearly […]

HOME is over for a wee while

It’s that Sunday morning. You know the one. The show has been bumped out ten hours before and you are sitting on the couch with coffee-in-hand wondering what has happened. Those of you who are not theatre makers, I will explain and you will see it is also something that happens in everyone’s life at […]

“He Dreamed A Train”, a play about belonging: nominated Best Technical Design, Matilda Awards 2014

“It pushes the boundaries, creates a new kind of experience, a multi-media performance in which actors and technicians play with and off each other in a mind-blowing interdependency. Designer/director Benjamin Knapton juggles this kaleidoscope of form and function with firm control, never allowing the possibility of chaos, which is lurking in the background, to take over. For all its intricacy it’s a tightly disciplined production, with neither actors nor stage effects dominating the other”.

Boutique Intensive fully booked, but there is a waiting list

Dear “Nesters”, “4changers”: Artists of Brisbane and rural Queensland: I am looking forward to hosting you this Friday evening at Pullenvale. I shall be sending you an email with address etc. If you were wanting to be part of this workshop and have not enrolled, there is a waiting list so send me an email […]

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