HOME is over for a wee while

It’s that Sunday morning. You know the one. The show has been bumped out ten hours before and you are sitting on the couch with coffee-in-hand wondering what has happened. Those of you who are not theatre makers, I will explain and you will see it is also something that happens in everyone’s life at….

Post 2: Theatre of The Oppressed Conference, Omaha Nebraska

Whenever I am away from home, I read. Lots. And find that my motivation to create is central. Reading things like: The Ten Minute Rule: “if work is going well we can sit down and get something good done in ten minutes” and “What I do every day matters more than what i do once….

Theatre of the Oppressed: Omaha Conference celebrating 20 years

I have just returned from Omaha, Nebraska where I attended a TO conference (Theatre of the Oppressed). It was a full six days of workshops, dialogue, performances and socialising. There was a three day Legislative Theatre pre-conference workshop and opportunities to work with practitioners including: Charles Adams Julian Boal Mariana Leal Ferreira Jesse Hagopian Gloria….

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