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A weekly blog post on issues of interest for artists and those who want more creativity in their lives and at the same time live robust and vibrant lives.

Here are the latest posts on 4change living in learning Facebook page. More inspirational posts can be found on Margi Brown Ash’s Facebook page ( )

Good morning Queensland and afar. Its a quiet day here in the bush. Dogs sleeping, music playing, candle flickering, coffee cup empty now...I have planted vegetables over the last few days. Some seeds have already sprouted. Others have not...This morning, on this quiet morning, I send love to those of you who are reading this. I send hope. And I send just a little bit of wildness.

This is the question I ask myself each morning, as I begin with the Ritual of Awakening: "What do I want to frame today, as in focus on, as in invent...what do I want to create today?"

PS On my home page Margi Brown Ash, I am compiling a list of resources that you may find useful. Check them out if you need help answering your ritual of awakening question.
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When things get tough it is sometimes good to talk with someone just outside your circle. Perhaps I could be that person.

I am offering free creative/conversations/counselling/coaching for Queensland artists and clients of 4change for the next few weeks as we renegotiate a new way of being in the world. Please send an email to

I am aware that many of you have lost many gigs. This afternoon at 4pm La Boite is live streaming a gathering of arts workers as we discuss what is happening. Tune in (thank you Craig Wilkinson for live streaming...a safer option that turning up).
Many of you could even be thinking that social distancing (or self isolation) is going a bit too far... (in my opinion, and many of the health experts) it is the only way forward...all organisations need to go online...the technology is there. We can stay in touch/work/create through social media, Skype, Zoom etc. If we all turn up to this crisis, things will turn a corner. If we don't we will be stuck in this groove-of-fear for a very long time.
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A difficult time for many of our arts community...I am offering free on-line coaching/counselling/creative conversations to my clients and Queensland artists...if you want to chat, even if you don't know what to chat about, please email me on or send a private message on Facebook...we can chat and reframe what is happening. Tuesday afternoon I have several sessions available. We work together, we support each other, we get through... ... See MoreSee Less

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