FOC/4change lives on the third floor at Metro Arts 109 Edward Street Brisbane 4000

FOC/4change lives on the third floor at Metro Arts 109 Edward Street Brisbane 4000

As the new Company in Residence at Metro Arts, FOC/4change has now settled in and we are excited about our open studio next Friday night (1.5.15) when the whole building opens up to the public.

FOC/4 will be hosting a Provocation: “What is it that artist’s need to stay healthy?” We will have some green tea, pastels and paper, conversation, music and laughter. If you are around, pop in from 5.30pm this coming Friday.

This week has been a full one with many shows opening in Brisbane. One play that I saw last Tuesday was the newly written SAMPSON a poignant piece written by Julia-Rose Lewis. I have known Juia-Rose since she was a young student at QUT and it was with enormous enthusiasm that I went along to see her show. I was not disappointed with her script: it had a rhythm that held me, thoughts that challenged me and moments of wonderful clarity.

What was difficult was the fact that I could not hear the actors for some of the time, a problem that has always haunted the actor at La Boite due to its corporate architecture and the fact that it is theatre in the round, which requires enormous skill.

I write this post to all the new directors coming through: what a glorious theatre La Boite is- the whole package- the friendly staff, the strong works, the outside bar, all adding to the evening’s experience. But there are obstacles that need to be navigated around.

Having trained in Theatre in the Round for 8 years while I was studying my Literature and Education degree in the early 70’s in Sydney, I am well aware that the ways of being on a stage with four sides is a skill in itself. The nuances of moving the body so that all four sides of the audience feel included, the tilt of the head, the ability to embody the moment and at the same time share the moment, these are skills that need to be learned. One way of making sure that actors can be heard is for the director to sit on all sides of the set throughout rehearsal: this makes for a challenge in the rehearsal room because often it is smaller than the theatre space. However it is a crucial step. I have often witnessed directors sitting in the same seat when they are directing and therefore missing the nuances required to engage the other seating banks.

Thank you Julia-Rose for your words, your painstaking years of work on a wonderful text. An important story to be heard again and again, and I for one will direct this piece one day because it speaks to the youth of the day and in so doing speaks to all the generations.

Congratulations La Boite for putting it on. New directors, inhabit all sides of the rehearsal room. That will ensure that you respect all your audience, not just the front seating bank.


Paths we choose…and paths that choose us...

Paths we choose…and paths that choose us…

I have taken myself away for a self imposed writing retreat, a time of reflection, renewal and a time to generate new ideas in conversations, contemplative walks and slow meals.

I am always surprised by how generative and transformative conversations over a meal can be. BBA and I talk about our individual books and find that topics that he is considering fit so well within the frame of my explorations. We build on each other’s ideas, we go to art galleries to enrich these same concepts, searching out images to help in our understanding. We walk the lake, noticing the wildlife, the trees, blue sky. And I am reminded about Blue Sky thinking and wonder if we in Australia have a direct link to it.

I look up and see the blue, stepping closer to open minded thinking, trying not to limit opportunity with the ordinariness of daily habit.

I am reminded of William James proposal, the importance of “those tiny, invisible loving human forces” that we can so easily miss.

I am done with great things and big plans, great institutions and big success.

I am for those tiny, invisible loving human forces that work from individual to individual, creeping through the crannies of the world like so many rootlets,
or like the capillary oozing of water, which, if given time, will rend the hardest monuments of pride. William James: Letters


We are in an era of profound change that urgently requires new ways of thinking instead of more business as dual; capitalism, in its current form, has no place in the world around us (Klaus Schwab, founder World Economic Forum)

This week marks the beginning of a new year of FOC/4change. For the first few months of the year I was enjoying beautiful Sydney and now I am back at Metro Arts 109 Edward Street Brisbane for the rest of the year.

We are setting up a space on the third floor of Metro Arts to host workshops, group and one-on-one sessions all with the objective of increasing our productivity and our health.

All together, we are changing from a society whose organising principle is the pyramid or hierarchy to one whose image is a circle. Humans are linked, not ranked. Humans and the environment are linked, not ranked (Gloria Steinem)

“It is the job of the artist to open doors and invite in prophesies, the unknown, the unfamiliar; it’s where their work comes from, although its arrival signals the beginning of the long disciplined process of making it their own.

“We transform the unknown into the known, hall it like a fisherman, artists get you out into that dark sea”

Rebecca Solnit
“A field Guide for Getting Lost”


Community Dance Classes, Brisbane


Phluxus2 Dance Collective is an award winning and boundary bashing dance company founded in 2006. Our work explores complex movement vocabularies that turn traditions of performance on its head, literally. Creating work that transforms perceptions of performance and space, through the translation of beautifully abstract stories. With our community classes you get access to the best dance professionals currently working in Brisbane!

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