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Margi’s active blog, chats she posts weekly, can be found on www.margibrownash.com
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4change coaching began in 2003, opening its doors at Metro Arts on the third floor. Since then 4change has moved around Metro Arts building depending on what was required, sometimes large studios, sometimes smaller ones. Our latest move is to the fourth floor, somewhere we haven’t been before. In 2017 we will be hosting a trilogy of workshops about self care for the artist and how to embrace change. Our February one has finished and our next one is in August. Contact if you are interested in a day of indwelling, art making, creative conversations.

FORCE OF CIRCUMSTANCE was formed in 2014 as a response to the lack of intergenerational work in the theatre community. It has produced several shows including all three of The Belonging Trilogy. The next production is at Brisbane Powerhouse in July, where Ben Knapton will direct EVE and He Dreamed a Train. Performed in tandem, these two shows will involve Travis Ash as composer/actor/writer, Nathan Sidthorpe as video-miracle maker and Freddy Komp as Production Manager.

nest ensemble was formed with Leah Mercer in response to the need for strong women writers/creators/performers in the theatre industry. We have created many works, including the award-winning The Knowing of Mary Poppins (4 seasons including Sydney and Adelaide, winner of three Matildas including Gold Matilda for best female performer and Silver Matilda for Best Director); Joey the Mechanical Boy (winner of Equity awards including Best Director), EVE, two seasons including Brisbane and Perth, winner of Blue Room Awards (best performer, best play members choice) and Gold Matilda for Body of Work; HOME (two seasons including La Boite and Queensland Theatre) and Gold Matilda for Body of Work.

Women in Theatre Bridge Club was formed in 2015 as a response to the gender imbalance in Brisbane theatre industry. We are a group of like-minded and experienced feminist women artists who want to create permanent change so that our grandchildren do not have to deal with gender inequity. You will gradually hear more and more from us, but slowly. Watch the hashtag #bridgehasyourback

Welcome to our website. If you click on Margi Brown Ash’s Blog (above) you will find all my latest posts. Meanwhile, you can explore this site for more information about what we do.

Margi’s active blog, chats she posts weekly, can be found on www.margibrownash.com