HOME, a play about Belonging, is part of the Queensland Theatre Company’s Diva Series

I’m driving home after the Queensland Theatre Company’s launch at Queensland Performing Arts Centre downtown Brisbane last night and thinking of how many people contributed to my show HOME…it began as a response to my second daughter’s SMS when she was living in Palestine. Homes were being bulldozed down and I began to think about….

The Dead Poet’s Society’s Argus: A new performance for children (and grown-ups!)

The Dead Poet’s Society’s “Argus” with Topology Brisbane Powerhouse It is 6. 30pm on June 26, 2013 and Kevin Rudd is booting out Julia Gillard in “the real world”. In “the world of the imagination” (a much more comfortable place to be) Bill and I are sitting in the Visy Theatre watching the delightful Argus,….

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