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Sydney Morning Herald: “Eve” going to Perth in October, 2012

Hailed by critics as one of the finest examples of Australian theatre you’re likely to see this year, acclaimed stage show Eve comes to Perth.
Fresh from a hit season in Brisbane, this contemporary work is inspired by the experiences of author Eve Langley, chronicling her life as an artist whose journey and creative works challenged the female stereotype of the day.
Eve is a story for anyone who’s ever felt as though they don’t belong as it follows the artist’s struggle between the domestic and the artistic; a reluctant mother versus a passionate artist.
The brilliant, yet troubled, writer was one of Australia’s most original novelists, yet her prime writing years were spent locked away in a mental institution before a death in artistic isolation.
Part memoir, part fiction, part homage to the sacrifice of the artist, Eve is revealed as a woman at odds with her prescribed position and longs to be left alone to interpret the world through her viciously beautiful prose.
Performer Margi Brown Ash, supported onstage by a live musician, presents a beautiful and haunting interpretation of Eve’s imaginary and real experiences.
The season runs from October 23 to November 10 at the Blue Room theatre, tickets are on sale now at www.blueroom.org.au.

Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/entertainment/about-town/critically-acclaimed-eve-comes-to-perth-20120919-2666e.html#ixzz27AN1fM3z

Excerpts from reviews of EVE, May 2012

     Only five more chances to watch Brisbane theatre luminary Margi Brown Ash crawl beneath the skin of Australia’s Virginia Woolf, the enigmatic Eve Langley. Season must close Saturday 26 May.

“Eve will be one of the finest examples of independent theatre you’d be likely to see anywhere in Australia this year.”
    "…a dark, brilliant and creative post mortem deep into the heart, mind and varying personas of Eve…"

“…an exquisite and intricate work… […] It will hold you captive and captivate you from the moment you walk into the theatre and right through to the curtain call.”
– Kelli Rogers, Australian Stage

     “The exquisite Margi Brown Ash gifts her audience an introduction with a beautiful and sensitive portrayal of Langley and the drive of the artist to create and to be free to do so."

"Margi Brown Ash does not perform but rather evokes Langley to the stage… […] It truly is a stunning performance and perhaps more than that, proof of Margi’s fascination and empathy for a misunderstood woman who was "ahead of her time"." – Sonny Clarke, Aussie Theatre
    …a really powerful piece of theatre…”

“Margi always puts 150% of herself into her performances.” – Scott Spark, ABC612
"This is a show not to be missed. […] there is something so bold and fearless about Margi’s performance as Eve Langley that it almost defies description. But there it is. She is bold and fearless, powerful and vulnerable, passionate and selfish, determined and defiant and absolutely bloody marvellous.”
– Xanthe Coward, XS Entertainment
    "The script is beautiful and stylistic, and moves much like poetry itself… It is an absolute pleasure to see a highly trained and experienced actor on stage. Margi’s voice is a marvel. […] Actors, go and see this as an example of what the human theatrical voice should be." – David Burton, Actors Greenroom

Eve / Season must close Sat 26 May
Tuesdays to Saturdays, 7:30pm
Sue Benner Theatre, Metro Arts
Tickets: Adults $20/ Conc. $16/ Groups (10+) $12
Cheap Tuesday: 22 May, all tickets $12 (door sales only from 6:30pm)
Bookings: (07) 3002 7100 or www.metroarts.com.au
     Writer & Co-deviser / Margi Brown Ash
Director & Co-deviser / Leah Mercer
Co-Deviser / Daniel Evans
Performers / Margi Brown Ash, Stace Callaghan & Moshlo
Composer / Travis Ash
Design / Backwoods Original
Lighting Design / Genevieve Trace
Costume Design / Bev Jensen

“EVE”: only another ten shows…have you booked on 3002 7100

How fast it goes: we have finished Week 1 of EVE at Metro Arts, 109 Edward Street Brisbane (www.metroarts.com.au).

We begin at 7.30pm, and on Tuesday night we have an artist talk afterwards (that is May 15, 2012).  The show is only a little over an hour, so you will still have time for a drink in Verve after the artists’ talk.  If you are interested in theatre, literature, motherhood, family, artmaking, writing, designing please come and ask questions and talk about what you thought as you watched the show unfold.

For those of you who have seen the show thank you so much for coming. We would be so happy if you spread the word in your contacts and networks so that we can entertain as many people as possible over these next ten performances.

Image by Leesa Connelly.