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Preparing for our July workshop: Perth, Western Australia

ImpulseTraining, an enlivening of the senses

ImpulseTraining, an enlivening of the senses

On 2nd July we begin a week’s intensive, focusing on the actors impulse: ImpulseTraining. We will also look at ritual and self care, essential elements when working in the arts.

We will be working from 10-4 at Edith Cowan University 14.113.

You can book on www.trybooking.com/CYBY or contact me (4change@iinet.net.au) with “Perth workshop” in the Subject.

If you book before June 15th you can get 10% discount.


musings on ImpulseTraining and its growth since the last five weeks of classes at Metro Arts

Thinking about the influences on this way of working…we have been working for five weeks refining the work both physically and theoretically: a postmodern acting training which adheres to the philosophical stance of collaborative practice under a social constructionist umbrella. We are also deliberately incorporating process oriented therapy which is not postmodern, yet sits beautifully beside our approach, giving us language around the senses and then expanding into relationship and world view.

Yesterday I presented at Drama Queensland conference and talked and experientially engaged the drama teachers in ImpulseTraining, which is now a very useful umbrella term for this postmodern training incorporating: check in; scaling; goaling; impulse floor work; myth; fairy tale; webbing; multimodal art making; sandplay; check out…all with the objective of creating a sensational group dynamic which in turn will create very alive performances and actors with strong personal agency…so we are now expanding and enriching a very thick way of working that demands our actors to become “a head taller” (Vygotsky)…and our hearts overflowing…