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reflecting on Chekov while performing in Wizard of Oz at La BoƮte

Wizard of Oz at La Boite Brisbane Australia

Whenever I am in a show I use the mornings to re-read the classics. Something I read this morning sat close so I thought I would share it here:

Today’s classic is Michael Chekov’s To the Actor:
“We must overcome our fear of the theatre theatrical when it comes to acting. A theatre is where we are. The theatre is the place where extraordinary things happen, where you see people behaving, not as they do on the street, but as they might do in your dreams. or your nightmares. when the shaman does his dance, nobody says could you do it a little less please.”

Checkov’s classic is a great text for all of us “Open yourself completely”…moving towards “freedom and increased life”, both on and off the stage…

Doug Leonard, a wonderful Australian (Brisbane) director who died recently, loved Michael Chekov’s work and because of him I make sure I return to Chekov on a regular basis.

I will finish with Chekov’s exercise of flying: “Imagine your whole body flying through space… A sensation of joyful lightness and easiness will permeate your entire body”…may all of the artists in Brisbane this week (for the Brisbane Festival) fly through your performances tonight!

Reflecting on our creative development “Wizard of Oz” with Danger Ensemble

Judy G and Oz

Judy G and Oz

It’s our second creative development.
We meet each morning at the Judy and work either in the Rehearsal Room on Level 4 or on Level 3.
Its a happy group of artists, all ranging in age and diverse theatrical experiences. We do a lot of composition with various provocations. Very few props. We make do with what we have got.
Music plays a big part in setting the mood. I am a lover of text so I enjoy the writing bits where we get to ‘dump on the page’. Also loving the choreographic parts of the day where we group devise movement sequences, sometimes with tongue in cheek, other times deeply committed to the emotional journey of the characters that we are building upon, Dorothy, Toto, Scarecrow, Tin Man, Lion and the Wicked Witch of the West.

Tonight is the launch of Brisbane Festival so the ‘at this moment Danger Ensemble’ will be there to celebrate what will be a wonderful Brisbane Festival 2013.