FORCE of Circumstance (FOC) and the nest ensemble

photo by Bev Jensen

The newly formed FORCE of Circumstance (FOC) and the nest ensemble:
1. We work as a collaborative ensemble.
2. We embrace a postmodern collaborative framework we call ImpulseTraining which addresses constructs such as multiplicity of stories and selves, power, social and cultural discourses and the exquisite use of language. This is our approach to ‘thickening’ the space between the actors on the floor, rather than focusing on psychological perspectives, often the focus of modernist acting training.
3. Our actor training is about impulse, and training the impulse in order to be fully present and fully alive to the multiplicity of living/performing.
4. We make the implicit explicit.
5. We embrace transparency.
6. We avoid where possible the hierarchy of power within the rehearsal room.
7. We devise work using collaged text, visual art, poetry and original musical scores.
8. We encourage each artist to bring all of themselves into the rehearsal room, rather than the more traditional way of ‘leaving it at the door’.
9. We want the actor to be fully present at all times therefore it does not make sense to ‘split’ an actors’ private and professional lives

Some of the team from the production of HOME 2012

La Boîte 18-28th JULY 2012
Winner Gold Matilda Award 2012

LaBoite Season Image by Bev Jensen
LaBoite Season Image by Bev Jensen

LaBoite Season Image by Rebecca Ward
LaBoite Season Image by Rebecca Ward

LaBoite Season Image by Bev Jensen
LaBoite Season Image by Bev Jensen

LaBoite Season Image by Rebecca Ward
LaBoite Season Image by Rebecca Ward

HOME AWARDS: Winner Gold Matilda Award, 2012;  Nominated for Best Play; Nominated for Best Design; multiple GreenRoom (Groundlings) Nominations

Critical Response to HOME’S SEASON: La Boîte, JULY, 2012:

Alison Cote’s review :

“Home is a unique production…This is theatre of the moment and the future… speaking directly to us…and making us understand the value of story for its own sake.

 It’s real and it’s personal, and the overall effect is of a tender love which is both intimate and cosmic. It’s political…it’s homely… it’s inclusive…This amazing piece is a superb piece of theatre – it’s a long time since I’ve actually been moved to tears by a performance…
A brilliant concept, and a brilliant performance, but more than that, a piece of theatre that comforts and reassures us, because Margi Brown Ash has proved Thomas Wolfe wrong – you can go home again, because home is here and now, wherever love is…”

Winner Gold Matilda Award, 2012
Winner Best Performer: Blue Room Award 2012
Winner Members Choice Best Production Blue Room Award 2012

Eve Production Metro Arts Image by Bev Jensen
Eve Production Metro Arts Image by Bev Jensen

Brisbane Season of EVE, Metro Arts Independents, written by Margi Brown Ash, directed by Leah Mercer, performed by Margi Brown Ash, Moshlo and Stace Callaghan with set design by Backwoods Original (Aaron Barton), lighting design Gen Trace, sound design Travis Ash, co-devised with Dan Evans, produced by Amy Ingram and Anna Molnar and project managed/stage managed by Gabrielle Castle.

Some critical responses to EVE:
“…one of the finest examples of independent theatre you’d be likely to see anywhere in Australia this year” (Australian Stage).

“… a tour de force…a show not to be missed” (XS Entertainment).

“…this production is an absolute gem…” (

“…pure poetry in motion….a sublime, evocative, rich, disturbing and tightly woven piece that will leave you intellectually reeling and profoundly inspired…” (Australian Stage).

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