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Painting by Susie Boyer

Painting by Susie Boyer

RIC: Acting for Artists

Margi has devised a postmodern training for actors: Relational Impulse Cultural Training (RIC), having spent two Masters degrees refining this way of practicing artmaking. Margi has borrowed processes from the postmodern therapy room and adapted them for the rehearsal studio. She has also incorporated over thirty years of personal acting and arts training. RIC encourages the artist to step into their potential. Margi creates a safe and vibrant environment where the performing artist discovers new strengths and creates work that surprises and enchants. The process is transformative and lasting. The performing artist discovers ways of collaboration that impacts deeply on her/his working life. Theatre/Performance is collaboration and ‘Impulse Training’ gives the artist a toolkit for effective and creative collaborative practice.

Creative Coaching/Creative Supervision

Margi provides opportunities for members of the community to enter into creative conversations to empower, to enliven and to awaken. These conversations last up to 1 hour, and can incorporate a variety of art modalities depending on the participant’s needs. Margi uses collaborative practices in her studio to encourage you to discover more empowering ways of being. Sometimes we get caught in loops of fear, emptiness, loneliness or stuckness. Through creative conversation, art making, performance and writing (depending on your needs and wants) we create and uncover more supportive and creative ways of living. Margi sees collaborative counselling as an inspiring and uplifting way of finding new meaning: you remain the expert of yourself and Margi provides expert strategies and ways of working that help you reach your potential.

Team Building for Brisbane Communities:

Margi is an experiential supervisor and facilitator for team building practices in the business/community sectors. She believes that work can be creative, productive and fun and all too often teams ‘fall asleep from habit’. Margi helps your team develop strategies to create active work environments, deal creatively with conflicts and work through critical incidents when they arise. Her point of difference is that she uses art making, theatre making processes and creative conversations to elicit change. Her workshops require active participation which ensure not only a deep and lasting change in the workplace, but a renewed sense of purpose.

A Unique Performative Responding to Meetings, Conferences, Presentations:

Margi performatively responds to your conference or workshop, picking out the themes and happenings of the experience and transforming them into a reflective performance. Involving the audience in some way, the participants leave the conference with an embodied response to what they have experienced.

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